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Why Should You Opt For Facebook Commerce Manager?

If you are someone who’s actively engaged in selling products on Facebook, you can easily manage all the different aspects of Facebook selling with a commerce manager. Commerce manager or Facebook boardcast ( รอด แค , which is the term in Thai) is basically a toolset that can help you sell your products efficiently on Instagram and Facebook.

With commerce manager on your online store (ร้าน ค้า บน เว็บ, term in Thai), you can use the ecommerce purchase option of Facebook, check out and handle all your payouts, orders, inventory and so much more. It does not matter whether you have a small to medium sized Facebook shop, or you work with other ecommerce partners like Shopify and manage inventories on Facebook shops, Instagram or marketplace. Having a commerce manager is bound to make your life easy.

What Are The Benefits Of Opting For A Commerce Manager?

If you are planning to opt for a commerce manager, you should first understand the benefits of opting for one. Opting for a commerce manager can make your life very easy. Your commerce manager can easily take over all of the aspects involved in selling products on both Instagram and Facebook. Thus, if your plan is to expand your business on such online store, you should definitely look into commerce manager.

·       Secure On Site Check Out

Having a commerce manageable reduce the barrier towards purchases and help you turn your potential customers into actual buyers. It also offers your customers an extremely fast and simple experience of checking out.

·       Order Fulfillment And Inventory

These two are two of the very difficult items when it comes to managing a shop. With Facebook boardcast, you can easily manage and upload your inventory with the catalog manager. You can see all of the pending and past sales.

·       Taxes, Bookkeeping And Payouts

With ecommerce management system, you can easily verify the payouts and check the balance in your store. You can also track your cash flow. You can further manage your tax settings via this platform. Finally, you can access all your financial reports.

·       Gain Customer Insights

With commerce management System, you will get recommendations on how you can draw your sales further on both the Facebook platforms. You will also receive actionable insights on business level staffs that you can implement. If you haven’t opted for a commerce manager yet, now is the time to do so.