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Some Interesting Facts About Using Prayer Mats Your Never Knew

Being a Muslim, you cannot underestimate the importance of prayer mats in your lives. Many Muslims use these individually sized-payer mats while offering their prayers. They are available in plenty of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. You can choose from simple factory-made versions to intricately woven prayer mats. These Prayer mats are also used for the purpose of cleanliness. As prayer is the most important part of our lives, having a good quality prayer mat is very important.

Let’s move on to the rider we are trying to take you on to let you know some interesting features and uses of prayer mats. So, keep reading.

Prayer Mats–Features and Uses

Prayer mats are undeniable the most important part of a Muslim home, and they can be used for several purposes and reasons. Let us discuss a few of the following.

  • Purity and Cleanliness

A prayer mat is not only restricted to offering a prayer or Salat, but every Muslim should use it to ensure purity. While offering a prayer on a prayer mat, the believer fulfills the cleanliness requirement.

  • Islamic Symbols and Architecture

Prayer mats are designed to depict their purpose efficiently. Most of the symbols and architecture crafted on these mats are Islamic landmarks and floral and geometric patterns. The designs, especially Islamic landmarks, give Muslims the feeling that they are worshipping in the Holy place.

  • Traditional Shape

You may find prayer mats in different sizes and shapes, but square and rectangular are the most common shapes. All prayer mats are made asymmetrical and come in a lot of designs and colors.

  • Colors of the Prayer Mats

Most of the prayer mats are made in bold colors such as brown, red, dark, green, deep, blue, and others. You may also find them in light hues. When buying a prayer mat, you can choose the one that will match your carpets or a mat in a completely different color tone. For example, a white-colored prayer mat is not ideal to place on a solid-colored carpet. Suppose your carpet’s color clashes with the color of your prayer mat. If that is the case, a completely different colored prayer mat will look great.

  • Handmade Muslim Prayer Mats

Factory-made and machine-made prayer mats are easily available worldwide with different price tags. However, opting for handmade prayer mats is great as they are known for their deep colors, top-notch quality, fantastic patterns, and smooth surfaces. All Muslims, especially aged people, would like to offer their prayer on a soft, smooth prayer mat. Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan are three significant regions that produce excellent handmade prayer mats. Weavers from these regions make prayer mats with their great devotion. You can also gift beautiful prayer mats to your loved ones!

So, if you are looking for a good quality prayer mat, make sure to buy it from a reputable platform. Woolen prayer mats are built to last because of the material’s strength and durability!