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History And A Brief Overview Of Rolex Brand

Rolex is a swiss watch designer and manufacturing brand founded by the British, situated in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a famous luxury watch producer brand throughout the world. The brand was founded in 1905 in England and was named “Wilsdorf and Davis”. In 1908 the brand registered as “Rolex”, and from 1915, it started operating as “Rolex Watch Co. Ltd.”. It is a private limited company with current revenue of 1300 crores USD (2021). The brand has a large variety of attractive and fashionable wristwatches. You always explore the uniqueness of watches inĀ  https://www.namsawang.com/th/rolex/oyster-perpetual/.

The cost of Rolex watches is high due to the high cost for designing, craftsmanship, and materials. The average price range of Rolex watches is $7000-$12000. The watches are made with the finest and best quality materials. Each product is designed, developed and produced by expert teams to acquire high standards. The brand got famous in 1926 by introducing the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, OYSTER. Various products under the OYSTER product line enhance the brand’s popularity and prosperity over rivalries. The ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL is a popular chronometer wristwatch under the OYSTER product range. The features of OYSTER PERPETUAL are:

  • The Pinnacle Of The Chronometer
  • Waterproof Oyster Case
  • Self-Winding Using A Perpetual Rotor
  • Hour, Minute And Second Display
  • Exclusive Oyster Steel Construction
  • Unrivalled Elegance

The brand is dedicated to offering comfort and standard to customers worldwide through wisdom, passion and sincerity. Rolex follows the aspect of the beauty of watches and their technical probability. It focuses on tradition and creativity exploration that attracts customers of different ages to the brand. The brand creates products based on customers’ demands and perceptions and tries to offer various products to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

Rolex constantly enhances the elegance and technologies of its symbolic timepieces, ensuring the brand’s rapid success. The brand launches products that create optimism and innovation throughout the watchmaking market. The brand is committed to offering outstanding quality and reaching a higher position over rivalries. Rolex provides knowledgeable, genuine, sincere and customised service to customers worldwide.

It is one of the best Swiss watchmaking brands with many passionate clients. The brand has a massive demand for its high quality, reliability and incomparable customer service. Rolex incorporates a prestigious essence by providing the best standard of excellence and exceptional customer service.