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Everything That You Need To Know About Rolex GMT Master 2

Being the Most iconic watch, the Rolex GMT master II needs no introduction. Various celebrities, including Roger Federer, own one. Over the last few years, this watch caused a lot of discussions. The collection comes up with an impressive history and lineup.

The best part is that this watch is continuing to evolve. Some of its models were re-released, while for others, the company discontinued its production. Let us take a look into the few aspects of Rolex GMT master.

Materials Involved In Its Making

Originally, this particular model was launched in its iconic red-black ‘coke bezel’ in oyster steel. It was the first GMT that got featured with white gold luminescent indices along with sapphire crystal.

However, in 2005 the model underwent an upgrade. Due to that, it had its release in all gold versions and a green dial. One could also see a para chrome hairspring, especially in its movement. Ceramics were also included in that model. As in the previous version, the aluminum bezel somehow would show signs of fading and wear.

Waterproof Makes It An All-Rounder

The original Rolex GMT master promised water resistance of at least 50 m. But with the upgrade, the resistance was up to 100 m.

Furthermore, the trip lock vending crown offers a triple waterproof system. One needs to be sure that the crown must be completely screwed down against the case after setting or winding the time. Also, one must avoid opening the case underwater.

Who Wears The Watch

You can spot one GMT master II on the wrist of athletes, celebrities, or big business people. The model speaks about versatility. The different case and bezel make it a famous piece.

At a glance, you can instantly spot a Rolex. Even when you dress up, the watch offers an immense appeal.

Cost Of The Watch

While buying a GMT master II from any retail shop, the cost would range from 10000 USD to 40000 USD. You can also find various expensive models full of precious materials and feature sapphire bezels, rubies, and diamonds.

Final Word

Over the years, the watch has seen few changes. Whether it is a ceramic bezel or bracelet, the brand is known for giving the best. As you wear the watch, it immediately increases your honor and brand value. Hence, for this reason, most celebrities prefer to wear Rolex than any other brand.