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What Men Needs To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

If you are a man and want to enhance your appearance without surgery, then perhaps the best option would be getting a lip filler. Getting lip fillers for men (ทํา ปากกระจับ ผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) can help you to achieve youthful, looking lips without getting under the surgical instruments.

You can experience a variety of benefits after getting the filler. But you must know what to expect from this nonsurgical process.

Why Should You Get It?

Generally, you can get lip fillers to restore your youth. Sometimes, the lack of protein can cause your lips to thin. But with lip filler, you can boost your lips and increase the volume. It can help to reduce the wrinkles around your facial area and improve your overall look.

Difference Between Filler For Men And Woman

There is no such difference between lip filler for men and women. The only difference lies in how much lip filler one may want. Women generally want to have plumper lips than men. Hence, without plastic surgery, you can have plump and healthy lips.

Treatment Procedure

Make sure you choose an experienced medical professional to get your lips done. Though the procedure is completely painless, you must research to get your lips done. The process usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, but it also depends upon the practitioner who does the procedure.

Is It Long-Lasting?

The last of tulip fillers depends upon the kind of care that you take. Men have a higher metabolic rate. Due to this reason, your lip fillers would lost somewhere between 6 to 12 months. Once you notice that your lips are getting thinner, you can immediately contact your practitioner to schedule an appointment.

Any Side Effects?

You may experience slight swelling or bruising on the affected area of your lips. Other than that, there are no such side effects. If you can apply ice packs or Arnica on the lips or the affected areas, it will help to minimize the impact.

Aftercare Tips

You will find men who have dermal fillers. This will help improve the treatment procedure and naturally help enhance the lip’s quality. After you undergo such treatment, you need to go for proper exfoliation and hydrate your lips as much as possible. Drinking enough water daily will avoid making your lips cracked, flaky, or sore.

You may not like your lips after the augmentation procedure. But once the filler sets in, you will love the symmetry and definition of your lips.