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Want To Paint Your Home? Follow This Guide

Painting a home is one of the major tasks to undertake. Bringing the paint and applying it on the walls looks easy. But this is not all. Many steps are involved in the house painting process, and one of those is calculating how many square meters can one can of paint cover? (สี1ถังทาได้กี่ตารางเมตร, which is the term in Thai)

It is because if we bring paint that is not enough for the room, then again, we have to go to the market and purchase the same and if we get the colour that is much more than needed then our time, money and the colour is wasted. Therefore it is always essential to get an idea of how many square meters one can of paint cover before you purchase one.

Standard Sizes Of Paint Available In The Market

1/4th Gallon

It is also called a quart-size gallon. 0.946 litres of pain fits into this portion of paint. If you are thinking of doing any artwork or painting a small wall in your room, this sized paint is enough for you. Approximately 8-9 square meters of a wall can be easily painted with 1/4th gallon of paint.

1 Gallon

One gallon of paint is approximately 3.785 litres of colour. It is used to paint over 30-35 square meters of area. Various shades in this size are readily available in building materials stores. Most of the homeowners choose to buy 1 gallon of paint.

2.5 Gallons

It is commonly known as a small bucket. It fills about 9.486 litres in colour and is used to pain about 75-80 square meters per trip. It is mainly used to paint the trim and more significant rooms as it is one of the medium sizes.

5 Gallons

It fills a volume of 18.925 litres, commonly called a large bucket. While painting, it covers 150-160 square meters at once. Most big-sized buildings with large numbers of rooms use 5 gallons as a more accessible and cost-efficient option.

The Advantage

The primary benefit of measuring your room is that it saves time and money. If you cannot use any formula available online or need clarification about the measurement of your actual area that needs to be painted, then call a painting professional. he will use his experience and sizes to purchase the exact volume of paint for your home or room. Also, he will help you to apply the colour in your house so that your home looks perfect after paint.