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Rama 2 Will Help In Fixing Your Car Anytime In The Middle Of Nowhere

A breakdown of cars in the middle of the road is quite distressing, especially when you have planned for a long trip or have any urgency. Breaking down cars in the morning doesn’t cause as much tension as breaking down at night. At night, most of the service centers are closed, and if your car stops on a highway, it’s troublesome. In this article, we are going to discuss how to resolve this issue.

How Do We Solve The Problems?

While driving a car, various issues can cause great disruption:

  • The wheels can get punctured.
  • The car can stop due to heat.
  • It can run out of petrol.

So if any of these issues happen, then it’s best to park the car by the side of the road and switch on the emergency light. On Highways at night, your car can get hit by a speeding truck or car, so it’s best to park it by the side of the road. You can also open the bonnet of the car to cool it down if overheating occurs till the tow truck or forklift arrives.

What Are Tow Trucks?

Slide car Rama 2 (รถสไลด์พระราม2, which is the term in Thai) is a kind of tow truck that offers exceptional services to fix your car anytime. So, these forklifts reach the destination within a few minutes once a complaint is lodged at their center. An experienced mechanic will reach the location you mentioned, carrying all the tools that are required to check the car. Before they visit, the owner of the car has to deposit 10{707823b4840d82ac3b9dd602da6a4e5b748d6ba18dbfba31caa032cb0d38bbb6} of the service fees and be prepared with all the car documents and ID cards.

First, an examination needs to be made whether the car needs a forklift or not; if the car has faced a major problem, then they are going to call for a tow truck, where the owner needs to deposit 20{707823b4840d82ac3b9dd602da6a4e5b748d6ba18dbfba31caa032cb0d38bbb6} of their services and also have to submit the key of their car. All the paperwork will be done instantly and will give you an estimated date of delivery.

How Can We Book Them?

In Bangkok, tow truck cases are seen frequently, so first, we need to install their app through which we can place our complaint. We also need to mention the location. So they are active 24 hours a day and are available all over the country.

So after buying a car, it’s necessary to install these urgent apps for emergencies and try to install the authentic ones, identifying them through proper reviews and appreciation by the customers. It’s better to check the car or keep a few emergency kits when planning for a long drive.