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How To Be Confident In A Team Meeting

Team meetings are very important for businesses—meetings held in collaboration ease things. There are a few things that a host or a person addressing the sessions needs to know. If you’re trying to be confident, here’s a small guide of essential points.

1.         Have A Good Introduction

A good day starts with a positive vibe. Similarly, a meeting needs to start with a good introduction. Give a brief introduction about yourself and address the purpose of the meeting. Never take too much time in thinking of how to introduce you in meeting (การ พูด แนะ นํา ตัว เอง ใน ที่ ประชุม, which is the term in Thai). Also, never spend much time introducing yourself and addressing the meeting as it may give a negative impression to the attendees.

2.         Start Conversations

Most people find it hard to start a conversation though they have very good communication skills. People are afraid to be judged if they start a conversation with someone new. Therefore, be an outgoing person and start a conversation first. This will help people understand that you are approachable. Being approachable is the first good quality that a host can have. If people are uncomfortable with talking, even if they started the conversation, then give them some time to adjust themselves. Hence, to be confident in a meeting, be a starter.

3.         Take The Initiative

Once you’ve figured out how to introduce yourself in a meeting, the part of getting things done comes. A meeting has many things to do, like arranging the food, giving out work documents, and others. If someone asks to do a particular thing, then be the one to start the process. If you are in need of a team, then ask people to volunteer. You can make the meeting better by taking the initiative to do things.

4.         Speak Confidently

Always speak confidently while engaging. And maintain a smile to show your confidence while talking with everyone. Confidence is a beautiful piece of jewelry that people can wear anywhere. Being confident makes you feel powerful and help in making good connections. So, be confident enough to make people comfortable around you.

5.         Physical Gestures

There are a few physical gestures that might help in showcasing your personality.

  • Always maintain eye contact with the person you are having a convo with. This makes them feel that you’re comfortable while talking to them.
  • Give a firm handshake when you introduce yourself to someone new. Your handshakes make them feel that you’re confident and glad to meet them.

This is how to introduce yourself in meeting.