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Flat Foot Treatment in Ontario: LMC Healthcare Clinic

Flat Feet Treatment in Ontario

Fallen arches, or flat feet, may cause pain and discomfort. Flat foot therapy in Ontario is available at LMC Healthcare Clinic. Our professionals provide thorough, personalized treatment. Flat feet, its symptoms, causes, and LMC Healthcare Clinic’s sophisticated treatment options are covered in this guide.

Understanding Flat Feet

When foot arches collapse, the whole sole touches the ground, producing flat feet. Some individuals are born with flat feet, while others acquire it due to age, injury, or obesity. Many symptoms may result from flat feet:

  • Foot pain, especially in arches or heels
  • Inner ankle swelling
  • Trouble standing for extended periods
  • Tired or stiff feet
  • Knee or ankle misalignment
  • Flatfoot Causes

Many reasons may cause flat feet, including:

Genetics: Genetics contribute to flat feet. Family history may predispose you to flat feet. Flat feet may result from inherited structural defects that hinder arch development and support.

Injury: Foot and ankle trauma may damage arch-supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Broken bones or sprains may cause foot misalignment and collapse the arches. Over time, poor healing or frequent injuries may cause flat feet.

Age: Our feet naturally change, with the muscles and ligaments that support the arches decreasing. This might gradually flatten the feet. Arthritis, which becomes more frequent with age, may also alter foot structure and function, causing flat feet.

Obesity: Weight puts strain on the feet, especially the arches. The arches may collapse due to severe load weakening or overstretching the foot’s supporting components. Due to foot stress, overweight and obese people are more likely to acquire flat feet.

Medical illnesses: Some illnesses might cause or worsen flat feet. Cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy may compromise arch stability. Inflammatory disorders like arthritis may damage foot joints and soft tissues, causing flat feet. Diabetes and other neurological diseases that alter nerve function may cause muscular weakness and imbalance, increasing flat foot risk.

LMC Healthcare Clinic offers innovative flat foot treatments to relieve symptoms and enhance quality of life. Our skilled staff will collaborate with you to create a customized treatment plan. We provide the following treatments:

Orthotic devices: Custom orthotic inserts support and stabilize foot arches, minimizing pain.
Our expert physical therapists can devise workouts to strengthen foot and ankle muscles and tendons, increasing foot function.
Flat foot discomfort and inflammation may be treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs).
Supporting the feet and ankles using ankle braces or supportive footwear reduces arch strain.
Surgery: In severe flat feet that do not respond to conservative therapy, surgery may be needed to repair the arches and restore foot function.

LMC Healthcare Clinic: Why Choose?

LMC Healthcare Clinic treats flat feet and other foot and ankle disorders with compassion and innovation. For Flat Feet Treatment in Ontario at LMC Healthcare Clinic, expect:

Experts: Our podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons have vast expertise diagnosing and treating flat feet, assuring the best treatment.
Personalized treatment plans: We know every patient is different, so we take the time to create treatment programs that meet your requirements and objectives.
Modern facilities: Our clinic uses cutting-edge technology to diagnose and cure flat feet.
Comprehensive care: We accompany you throughout your foot health journey, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.
The patient-centered approach: You are part of our healthcare family at LMC Healthcare Clinic, not simply a patient. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and make sure you understand your treatment plan.

Make an appointment today

Flat feet shouldn’t stop you from living fully. Schedule an appointment for Flat Feet Treatment in Ontario. Our caring staff can help you recover. Request a consultation to learn more about our flat foot treatments.

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