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Corner Lip Lift – A Complete Overview

Lips are the most significant feature of our face. Good lips make a person feel attractive and great. While lip fillers have been in trend for so long now and most people are deviating towards that, there is yet another technique that offers greater benefits. That technique is a corner lip lift [ฉีด ยก มุม ปาก, which is the term in Thai], which allows someone to get rid of their frowning lips through a surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon.

In most people, it’s noted that the corners of their lips tend to frown. This tends to give an unpleasant appearance to their face and they tend to get conscious of their looks. This condition can be mitigated by using the permanent technique of lifting the corners of their lips. Through this, people will get an enhanced look and they will feel more confident about themselves.

As age advances, some people tend to develop thinner lips, while some naturally have them. By using this surgical procedure of lifting the corners of the lips, those people can achieve a sharper look. There are many benefits of getting a lip lift surgery done. They are –

  • Improved Lip Shape
  • Getting Much Fuller Lips
  • A Well-Defined Lipline
  • Getting That Youthful Smile Back
  • Boosting Self-Confidence
  • Removing All Sorts of Insecurities about One’s Face and Many Such Benefits.

The point of concern is not just the thinning of the lips after a certain age. The problem also lies in the length and breadth of the lips which can make anyone look youthful if they are decent. The lip lift surgery offers a much-improved shape of the lips which in turn manages their length also. Not everyone has to go for this surgery randomly, it is required that only certain people undergo this permanent procedure of lip lift. Below are mentioned those points –

  • A person experiencing frowning of the lips after a certain age, or if it’s an innate trait that they have.
  • Someone whose teeth are not properly visible from corners while they smile.
  • An individual who is free from smoking, and also from mouth infections.
  • One who is free from all acute and chronic diseases?
  • A person who is not pregnant at the time of surgery.

After this permanent surgery of the lips, the recipient should not move their lips so much. This could lead to minor discomfort. Also, the swelling vanishes in a week or so after the surgery is performed.

This article informed its readers about corner lip lift surgery, its benefits, and some important points that a person undergoing this surgery should be keeping in mind.