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Cisco Business 350 Series: A Bundle Of Poe Network Switches

A network switch is meant to establish a smooth union among numerous devices. It acts as an indispensable element for every business network. It guarantees protected, secure, and effective communication between the concerned devices. Not only can a network switch help boost the productivity of a business, but it is also painless to establish and adopt.

Cisco, an American Establishment, has long been producing network switches. In fact, the Cisco CBS350 POE Series by Cisco has become immensely popular for its remarkable functionality. A significant feature of this series of switches is the 48-PoE ports! In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of this striking characteristic.

Benefits Of Cisco CBS350 POE

Comprising 48 Power Over Ethernet ports, the network switches offered by Cisco Business 350 Series proffer a variety of bonuses:

●       An Effortless Setup

With one cable delivering data as well as power, what else do you even need? Setting up the network switch would become much less complicated. This also makes the installation of other types of devices much more accessible and feasible.

●       A Money Saving Option

No longer would you be burdened with the costs that come with setting up separate power cables. With a substantial decrease in the need for power outlets, you can save loads of money! Therefore, the network switches of the Cisco Business 350 Series are an economical option in the long run.

●       Expandability

With a 48 POE, you can undoubtedly scale power to many devices at once. Thus, for those offices that comprise a multitude of devices, the Cisco CBS350 Series would be a perfect fit! Therefore, when too many devices need to be powered, the Cisco CBS350 Series is a fantastic choice!

●       Mobility

With a 48 POE, you can position devices at those points where there are no electrical outlets. Moreover, you can relocate them with substantial ease. In addition to increased freedom in mobility, you no longer have to worry about power supply.

●       Security

Sometimes, we might have to employ high-voltage power supplies. This poses a considerable risk. Our devices might be susceptible to electrical hazards and the following damages. With a network switch with PoE, this plausibility is eliminated from the scene.


In this blog, we’ve covered all the pros associated with the 48 PoE of the Cisco Business 350 Series. When compared to a non-PoE network switch that provides mere data, the Cisco Business 350 Series, comprising PoE network switches, offers data as well as a power supply. Therefore, you need to wisely decide about what to go with.