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4 Common Form Design Practices For Event Registration Form Online

It is highly crucial to think about a website that you’ve visited and want to register for an event but are unable to fill out the form. No, don’t consider a registration form, survey, billing or shipping form, or even a simple email sign-up form. Various companies host the event and implement forms on their websites to provide visitors with a way to sign up and register for the event. In this, it is highly crucial to design the best form that is user-friendly.

Designing a form with a great user experience is important and for this, you can hire affordable event registration form online that helps to design the form in the best way. Here are some essential tips they follow:

  • Be straightforward

In the form, you need to ask for information but don’t get into asking for too much information. In this, you may risk losing submissions and conversions as the user may get frustrated. If your form is simple and user-friendly, then you can see increased conversion rates by reducing the unnecessary form fields. So, when creating your form you must include only the most crucial information you need and refrain from adding any unnecessary data.

  • Use single column

It is very important to stick to a single-column web form layout and this is an especially important tip when creating long, multi-step forms. Single-column layouts are easier to follow and understand so users can easily fill out the form and complete it.

  • Arrange your form fields

To engage the user, start your form with the easiest questions before such as asking name, and address. This is general information and the user will not take much time while fill it. If you add difficult fields at the beginning of the form, this can be more time-consuming. So, ensure you go from easy to hard while filling the form.

  • Use inline form field validation

Inline form validation is necessary to ensure visitors’ information is reviewed in real-time as they work their way through the form. If your visitors fill in a field with incorrect information such as an incorrect email address, then it is important to add an error message that will appear below or inside the form field. This notifies there is an error in this field and the user must correct it immediately.

Online forms are easy to fill and can do validated at the moment. This is why online form design matters so much but you need to make it a simple, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing form. The easy form will make your users happy to fill in and not make mistakes while filling in personal information.